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Let's Chat! A bit about me and why I am here.

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I began caring for Maisie as soon as she came home from the hospital. I was overjoyed she was so close!

Several months later my daughter went back to work and I began babysitting fulltime. I had recently retired and was thrilled to have Maisie all to myself. After about a year, I started thinking about going back to work part time to make some money. When I told my daughter she was very upset with me. We worked out our monetary ( yes I said monetary) issues and no sooner along came Aidan.

I tried. I really did. It was fine until he started walking and that was it for me!

Ultimately, she has had babysitters and I have committed to what I can handle.

It was a rocky road, but I feel blessed to have my grandchldren and I can finally just be a grandma and feel good about it.

I have created this service because there is so much between the lines above that I have learned and helped others through. My wish is for every grandparent to be able to enjoy the kind of special relationship I have with my grandchildren and not feel guilty if they choose to do less.

What are your thoughts?

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