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I always thought about the time life would be like the coffee commercial where the older woman is sitting outside drinking her coffee with no responsibility and no place to be.
Let's just start by saying our grandchildren are the most precious things in our lives and bring us unending joy. All true, to me anyway, and probably most of you.
As I was picking up my grandson from nursery school, I noticed the many grandparents and few parents waiting. As we started to chat I realized we all seem to have some great challenges. We want to help as much as possible, but what about our lives? We worked for decades and raised our children and now many of us are going for round two when we might have opted for sipping coffee with no place to be!  The guilt sets in when you see how difficult it can be for our kids. Jobs requiring trips away for days at a time, high salaries but still not enough for full-time babysitters and who would your kids trust most to be with their babies but mom or dad?
Navigating this path of grandparenting is filled with mountains and valleys. Overstepping our boundaries or even having to suggest a little monetary return are just two major problems.
Well, I have gotten through the worst of it and come out at the end with relatively happy adult children and I am here to help you navigate!
Now, excuse me while I go sip my coffee, the school bus is on its way!



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